Tuesday, February 1, 2011

And so the printer got down


Patti calls. Virtually panicky.

"Sophia and Anjali were playing oven with the printer. And then I went in and Sophia pushed the printer off the table."

In the background, Sophia is crying, very loudly. I suppose that she didnt expect the printer to make that big a bang when it fell.

"I'll ask husband to fix it when he gets home". I say


I call back to make sure that there is no glass on the floor.


Patti calls back. No glass on the floor. A piece of plastic had broken off the printer.

We return from Valli aunty's house, Sophia, who refused to sleep in the afternoon, crashes in the car on the way and I put her in the bed with her party clothes still on (it was a cold night). Husband changes her diaper. Anjali refuses to change from her pattu pavadai. "Why Sophia can sleep with her beautiful dress and I have to change?" And I let her be. Afterall, it was a cold night.

"Sophia pushed the printer off the table", I tell husband. "Can you check if it is working?"

Husband tries to close his mouth, but is quite unsuccessful. He plugs in the printer and turns it on.

It makes a sound like a very big bulldozer rumbling.

He turns it off and rather like a mechanic looking into the hood of a car lifts the printer top and peeks in, sticks his hand in, and brings it out.

There is a small plastic fish (I honestly dont know where it belongs) in his hand.

"Who put this in the printer?" he asks.

"Sophia", responds Anjali promptly

We believe her.

Finally, the printer got fixed we printed out a photo - which I promised Anjali to turn into a puzzle.

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