Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The wizard of Oz

I am particularly enjoying complementing the Wizard of Oz with Wicked - The life
of the Wicked Witch of the West. Though I am not quite sure that i like Wicked,
it allows me access to certain nuggets of information - like that the witch's
name was Elphaba and that she and Glinda were good friends in the school.

Which ofcourse, started about an hour of play, involving the ugly and green
Elphaba (me) the beautiful and well dressed Glinda (Anjali) and the farm girl
Dorothy (Sophia), who doesnt quite come in the story, but insisted on the part,
attending wizarding school together under the guidance of the teacher (husband).

The play involved working in the classroom (patti's room), which was dark, but
where we couldnt turn on the lights ("The light is inside us, we can see if we
use our own light" - says Glinda, though it was actually Sunanda). It involved
using wands - two plastic golf sticks, a buttur churner, and a drumstick, to
cast spells.

St some point, the teacher couldnt remember any spells and retired to the
computer to look up the different spells.

Ofcourse, we hit all the common ones - levite, lumos, nox, accio etc

Ever knew that if you pointed your wand and said "levite", you have to flap your
wings? And that to stop, you have to say "levite" again

And if you say something that sounds like "lion washy wishy moshy", you have
lions appearing out of our wand, and there is even a counter curse that makes
them disappear.

And that when they disappear, they go to the zoo

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