Thursday, January 6, 2011


I have to admit it that Sophia's walking skills have improved tremendously this
last week that I took a break to stay with the girls. The day after Christmas,
we were at the IEP night walk, and Sophia walked most of it. Although she
insisted that I carry her up the mount faber, after that she said

"After we each merlion okay... I will walk okay.... climb the stairs okay...
like an ecployer"

So we reached the merlion and the explorer climbed the stairs


This has nothing do to with walking, but when we were vegetable shopping she
tells me

"I made a degigion"

"What is a decision?" I asked her

"Mummy!", she replies, smiling

I was rather relieved


And then on new year's eve i took the girls to the Orchid gardens. Sophia walked
all the way from the entrance to the botanical gardens to the orchid gardens and
inside the orchid gardens.

After the Orchid gardens, the girls ran down the palm valley to top it off. Only
when we were entering the Bukit Timah area did she ask to be carried

"I am Doyothy", she says "And doyothy always walks"

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