Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Two years with Sophia

The first thing that stood out about Sophia when she was born was her smile. As she grew older, she did little things, worming her way into our hearts.

Like peeing on her sister, sleeping synchronously, looking soulfully etc.

While her smile was always there, she was also full of attitude, which was obvious even when she was a month old.

Around this time, we started taking Anjali to gymboree, adn Sophia was right there, cuddling, uncomplaining through the long bus and taxi rides, and enjoying herself . When she got still older, she began to see mummy dance and play with Anjali

When I returned to work, we set new routines, got used to each other and grew up. She cooperated in mummy's crazy schemes

She began to creep and crawl at five months and by July, we decided that she was not a baby anymore, but a toddler

She began to talk before she could walk, saying things like bear and door. And then she began to walk and always the smile would crop up

And now she is two years old. She talks two to a dozen, makes complicated games involving Krishna and Dorothy and can hold her own in any conversation. She has stopped breastfeeding (finally) and wants to sleep with her sister.

She is even starting to agree that she is big.

Happy birthday Sophia

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