Wednesday, January 12, 2011

TV time and watching

A very good article on baby center on the effects of media on children.

One thing that struck me when reading this article was how kids view more violence during Saturday morning cartoon shows (26 acts of violence per hour) than during prime time shows

We had been letting the kids watch 101 Dalmatians - which husband and I felt was a very nice film for the kids - that is until Anjali started using words like "Shut up" and "idiot" and claimed that she learnt them from Cruella. So we have replaced 101 Dalmatians with other movies - say Shrek and Cinderella, where the language is less offensive.

It is amazing how TV makes an impression. I have already written about Sophia's obsession with the characters of Oz. She doesnt want her birthday banner to say Happy birthday Sophia - it has to be happy birthday Dorothy. And when the kids were painting, she made a brilliant painting with Glinda and Dorothy and the bad witch and the dog (a little purple blob) and the scarecrow, all going on the yellow brick road (which was painted orange) The kids had watched the wizard of Oz once. We did a lot of role playing around the movie, and I was reading Wicked (which i gave up after about half the book), but talked about it at home and it sort of made a very deep impression on her. Therefore, I wont blame all the Dorothy obsession on the movie. We have watched Wallace and Gromit many more times and they never take up the characters in that story.

Anjali made a painting of Glinda and gave her a long sparkly dress and long golden hair (Why exactly am I not surprised?). 

The girls made a resolution that they would only watch tv at noon. So far they have stuck to it, and so have we, in a way, refrained from turning the box on at mealtimes, but instead taking the meals to the floor and feeding the children while they play or read. In a way it means that there are no real family dinners, but family dinners in front of the tv dont really count.

Yesterday, while the kids were painting, husband, who had returned late from work, plopped his soup bowl on the floor to watch the girls. For a while, I was afraid that they would step on/ spill paint over this soup, but it somehow didnt happen

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