Monday, January 3, 2011

There is no one in the world like Sophia part 3

Anjali was looking at the make up sets and hair clips and the like in Tom and

"Anjali is so girlish", i told husband, remarking on her pink dress (princess,

Sophia was not too interested in make up. We tried to get her to wear a nice
dress for Christmas (some princess thing that Akila had brought for her) and she
sat on it for two minutes before complaining

"Its poky! Take off!!!"

"I am princess snowwhite", said Anjali.

"I am prince pumpernickel", Said Sophia. i thought pumpernickel is a bread.

"She's gender confused!", I said.

She always gets to play prince in all the dramas, in the playground and at home,
since she is the only one who kisses Anjali (who always gets to play princess)
so openly and enthusiastically


"What is my name??", asked Sophia

"Sophia" I said

"No. Whats my name?" She said

"Your name is Sophia"

"No!!! What is my name??" (begins to whine)

What kind of question is this?

"You are prince pumpernickel", said husband

"No!!!" whining gets louder "Whats my name??"

"Prince charming?" I ask

"No!! You are toto! What is my name??"

"Right!!" I said, cottoning on. "Dorothy?"

"Yes!" with a tone of smug satisfaction. "Anjali is Glinda the good witch!"

"Now she is also identity confused!" I exclaim, now a little panicky


"Where is your mother?", I ask Sophia. We are on the beach for the center walk.
Anjali is about 50 meters ahead, running with Ananya.

"Over there", says Sophia, pointing to Anjali

"right. Who am I??", I ask

"You are kithu akka". Did I ask for immortalization of the akka status? i did
remember mentioning it to some of the aunties when Anjali as born that my
children will see the other kids calling me kithu akka and they will also call
me that.


"She is gender confused, identity confused and doesnt know who her mother is.",
I complain to husband

"That one is definitely female", he replies, unconcernedly, pointing to the one
who is floating amongst the frills and satin, "and this one will catch up soon.

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