Monday, January 17, 2011

Sophia's birthday

I think it can be safely said that Sophia's birthday party was a success. The kids had a grand time baking pizza, Husband led them on a few rounds of charades, and from no child particiapting we went very fast to all the children wanting to go multiple times. After the party, Anjali carried on the game to become a game of taboo. We turned off the lights and gave clues to be the object.

Anjali: What I am? what I am?

Me/ Husband: Give us a clue

Anjali: I am red and I am round.

Husband: You are a red ball

Anjali: I am good for your health

Husband: You are an apple or a tomato.

Anjali: Yes! I am a tomato.

She got pretty good at it.

The kids liked to make pizza, and I must say that the pizzas they made were much better than any pizza that I would ever make. Simply because the pizzas were drenched in cheese - seriously, there was more cheese in one of their mini pizzas than there would be in one of the pizzas that i make for six people.

Parents got into the fun, helping to mix, spread and layout the pizza on baking trays. And while the pizzas were baking, the children led a game of musical statues

We cut Sophia's birthday cake, and husband's five hours of making the dragon got gobbled up. The cake was delicious, and the dragon (it wasnt a fairy godmother afterall), though it looked significantly different from the dragon int the book - I should be putting up the photos soon, was clearly recognizable as a dragon, though Vishnu kept saying that it was a playdoh turtle. 

After cake, there was dinner, and after dinner, the children got together again to play. It was more free play, they were sufficiently warmed up to play by themselves, and there was no need for us to organize something for them.

All the kids got a book for a present, and I think that was a wise step, without having the house filled with presents and goody bags

My girls were tired after the party too, I had tried, in the afternoon, to get them to nap, but it didnt work out. They did spend half an hour on the bed, however and it helped. Sophia, who spent the last half an hour of the party dancing with her godmother and with Anjali's godmother spent the rest of the time reading and opening some of her presents.

I fixed some sandwichhes and cutlets for the children, and then they went to bed while playing taboo.


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