Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Safety scissors

I believe a lot in keeping children's resources at hand and not shelving toys
and materials out of reach. That is why we have the lightbulb lab - a kevin
henkes inspiration - where there are pockets with general materials that the
kids need to create, and they use it well. Sophia often can be spotted taking
markers form the lightbulb lab and drawing on the floor and Anjali uses the
markers to draw, scotchtape and scissors to cut it out into many interesting and
different shapes.

I do believe that leaving things around for the kids to explore encourages
creativity and confidence.

Until yesterday afternoon, when patti was tired and closed her eyes for a
minute, and Anjali and Sophia were playing in the living room.

Then the unthinkable happened.

They were quiet for a long time, motivating patti to open her eyes, and what did
she find?

The whole living room strewn with hair.

Anjali had taken the scissors from the lightbulb lab and used them to cut - not
only her hair - but also Sophia's hair.

I mean - seriously!

Patti and husband couldnt see which part of the hair was cut - hair cutting is
often messy because the amount of hair on the floor hardly correlates with the
amount that came off the top of the head (Did I cut that much hair??) but i
noticed when I returned home, the uneven side near one ear.

"Yes, i cut it there", said Anjali, because when it is windy, the hair there
blows into my eyes!

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