Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Playdate at Kiran's

Venue: Kiran's house, playdate
Day: 1 day before Sophia turned 2.
Action: Anjali and Kiran had finished playing on a tricycle and Sophia on a toy car, Shreyas is trying to climb the tricycle.

Mommy: Shreyas is small.. Sophia... Sophia.
Sophia is busy and doesnt turn
Mommy: Oi Sophia.
Sophia (still absorbed in what she is doing): listening!
Mommy (who didnt quite get the impact of what she said): Sophia.. Sophia
Sophia (louder and still not looking up): Listening!!!!
Mommy: Shreyas is small you know.
Sophia: yesh!
Mommy: You are big
Sophia: yesh! I am big
Kiran comes running over: I am mall!! I am mall!!
Mommy: You are not small, you are big!
Kiran: I am mall!!

Then all the kids pretended to be owls, turned off the lights and slept on the couch.

Mommy: its almost 9. lets go home
Sophia: five minate okay?
Anjali: ten minutes!!
Mommy: Ok ten minutes
Ten minutes later I got up. "I am going. you girls want to come?"
Anjali: nope!
Sophia: Nope. want to sheep Kiyan oushe!
Mommy: Ok. Jyothi call me if you need me, i am going home

Both girls came running. We should do these playdates more regularly

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