Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Patti's stuff

We were at patti's house on Sunday and about to return to home. Sophia comes along, bringing a cd with her.

"Mummy. take thish cd to acasa?"

"What is this cd?"

"thish one Ganesha cd over here. take this to acasa okay?"

"Excuse me!" said patti, quite outraged. "I am having knee pain and I am asking you if i can bring bunica's old slippers here and you are not letting me. And each time you come here you swipe something from this house. What exactly are you thinking?"

Patti was quite right. Her Ganesha collection, which she used to be rather proud of, is quite empty. Each Ganesha has mysteriously disappeared and reappeared at Acasa. Once Sophia realized that she doesnt have any more Ganeshas to swipe, she started taking other stuff - like plastic combs, and books and cds.

"you take bunica's shoe okay!" says Sophia. "I having one Doya shoe and you having one bunica shoe. okay?"

Indeed, the last time they had gone to the market, patti had gotten Sophia a Dora shoe, a slip sandal with straps on the back, one that Anjali noticed the minute she got back from school ands tarted crying about. patti had been looking all around, but they simply dont have the same kind of sandals in Anjali's size.

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