Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Our art wall

Here is what our art wall looks like. From time to time the masterpieces get replaced. Many get thrown away, some kept (I run out of cupboard space keeping drawings) and am considering buying a big ikea trunk for paintings taken out from the art wall

here are some highlights

I drew the fairy and Anjali threaded the corners. It was her first proper threading project one that she completed. I was quite surprised that she finished it, she had shown little interest in threading just a few months previously and now she has improved. One of my toys in planning is a simple embroidery kit.

This is another first - a picture of a zoo, actually colored properly. Behind the abstractedness, you can make out the red elephant and the tree

We were dabbing with left over colored rice from my karthigai kolam - patti had put all the colored rice in a jar for the girls to play with. This one is Sophia's creation

This is Anjali's partly finished flower

She did this one before doing the flower, and unlike the flower - which I drew, both the drawing and filling of this drawing can be attributed completely to Anjali. It is, I believe, a sting ray. Dheeraj had given Anjali a puzzle with a sting ray and this came out of that interaction

This is a lion. It even has a mane. product of the lightbulb lab

Another product of the lightbulb lab (to be rotated counter clockwise) is a house with a door and two windows - looks like something out of Dr Seuss

This is Sophia's drawing that she made at the IEP night walk. I love the colors

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