Friday, January 7, 2011

New classes

Husband has been nagging a long time about piano classes for Anjali. The only
class that seemed good and was nearby is Christofori, which is right next to
patti's house. We enquired a couple of months ago and found that their classes
clashed both with Anjali's CSC ballet class and with patti's shloka class, which
patti had shifted to 4.30pm, specifically to accomodate the girls and my cooking

Husband was rather disgruntled and refused to talk to any of us for four days.

But then, this blog is not about husband's cave retreats, but about the
wonderful and not so wonderful stuff the pixies get to, so I shall not get into
details about that.

So when the SCS ballet classes stopped over the holiday period and we were
suddenly faced with the prospect of several free Saturdays, we went quite wild
and went out almost every weekend - overnight camps, holiday weekends etc.

But then in came January and we had to realize that some form of structure is
once again required by the children. And then I found out that there were ballet
classes offered in the community club for 4 year olds and above. That was quite
perfect for Anjali to enter pre-primary ballet. The lessons were on Thursday
evenings, from 6.15 to 7pm, and since they were right across patti's house -
with hardly two minute walk, patti could take her to the class even if I was
late from work.

Which freed the Saturday afternoon slot for the Christofori, from 2.45 to 3.45pm

That was fantastic, and it left non IEP sundays completely free (which boils
down to one sunday a month, but still it is something)

All registrations are complete and Anjali is quite happy with her new ballet
class (where they apparently do turns and get a ballerina chop after each class)

Today, Sophia is prince pumpernickel. And yesterday all the time we were waiting
outside ballet class, she kept wanting to change her clothes and go in after

All in good time baby

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