Thursday, January 20, 2011

The monster ate my baby

Those who looked carefully at our monster would have noticed that he shared certain characteristics with our blue baby. Naturally Sophia noticed it too. We were coming back from the library and she saw the monster on the shoe rack

Sophia: "Wheresh my blue baby?"

Me: "Its probably in patti's room"

Sophia: "Why my blue baby is here?"

Me: Thats not your blue baby. The monster has the same color hair as your blue baby.

Sophia: No. Want my blue baby...

I thought that so much crying was unwarranted, until i realized something

Me: Sophia, do you think that the monster ate your blue baby?

Sophia: Yesh

Me: No. The blue baby is in patti's room, Take off your shoes and we will go there

Sophia. No.. Want my blue baby...

Anjali: Close your eyes everyone, I will show you a surprise

We all closed our eyes, Sophia inclusive

Anjali ran into the bedroom and appeared a few seconds later with the blue baby.

All was fine once more and the sun shone again

I should have expected that correlations with the blue baby would arise, but I have so much left over blue yarn. I am also making Dorothy with the blue yarn. Lets see.


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