Monday, January 10, 2011

Giving up the bua

Sunday morning:

Me: Sophia, you are a big girl.

Sophia: I am not Sophia, i am Dorothy

Me: Dorothy, you are a big girl

Sophia: I am small!

Me: Dorothy is a big girl you know.

Sophia: Yes. Dorothy is a big girl

Me: You are a big girl?

Sophia: Yes

Me: Then you should not drink bua

Sophia: Okay!

Sunday afternoon in the museum:

Sophia: I am sleepy. Want to dink bua!

Me: I thought you are a big girl. Big girls dont drink bua.

Sophia: I am small.

Me: Fine. Small girls dont drink bua either.

Anjali: Only born babies drink bua Sophia. Like Deepika. You know Deepika?

Husband, Anjali and I distract her with some museum stuff.

Sunday night: I apply liberal amounts of garlic

Sophia: Want to dink bua

Me: You are a big girl

Sophia: I am small

me: You are a small girl, small girls dont drink bua

Sophia: I am a born baby

So she does as she always does, and tugs my nightie aside. One sip. She grimaces. Then she thinks that maybe she is wrong. Another sip, another grimace. The third trial, and she begins to cry

"I want water!!!"

We give her a drink. "Mummy, I want bua!!"

"What did you put on it?" husband asks

"garlic", I reply. At this point, it is very hard for me to stop laughing.

We turn out the lights

"I want bua!"

"Sophia, there is chilli powder and garlic powder on the bua", says Anjali, who associates garlic and chilli, "Do you want to drink chilli poder and garlic powder bua?"

"No!! Mummy want other bua"

"Do you want a glass of warm milk?", I asked

"Yes", very sorrowfully.

Husband gets her a tumbler of warm milk, which she drank. Then she cuddled up on my side and went to sleep, sniffling a couple of times, but other than that making not much noise.

She woke up twice at night, once at midnight, asking for bua. I told her about the chilli and garlic and she asked for water instead. She drank up the water and went back to sleep.

She woke up again at 4am. She didnt even ask for bua, it was straight out asking for water.

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