Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A conversation with Sophia

I was putting maruthani on my hands this morning after putting Anjali on the school bus

Sophia: Mummy what are you doingk?
Me: I am putting maruthani
Sophia: Why are you putting my maruthani?
Me: I am putting my maruthani
Sophia: Wheresh my maruthani?
Me: Its in your hand
Sophia: Mummy, dont put maruthani
Me: Why not?
Sophia: becaushe patti put maruthani
Me: I can put maruthani on myself. i am a big girl
Sophia: I am shmall
Me: No Sophia, you are big
Sophia: I am small
Me: Ok, you are small, but you have stopped drinking bua (yes. its official, three dry days)
Sophia: yesh
Me: Why did you stop drinking bua?
Sophia: Becaushe ther's chilli powder and.... and... mummy, whatsh the other one?
Me: Onion powder? Garlic powder...
Sophia: and garlic powder
Me: We cant drink onion powder and garlic powder from the bua
Sophia: No. Ish Spishy
Me: Can you eat chocolate from the bua?
Sophia: No. Ish very junky
Me: Can you eat pasta from the bua?
Sophia: I like pashta
Me: Ok, then you can eat it from the bua?
Sophia: No, from a plate

The thing about Sophia is that you can have very long, very serious conversations with her, and she answers you very seriously.

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