Thursday, January 20, 2011

Axel Scheffler and paper work

"How was your day Anjali", I asked

"bul bul", she said

"Ok, If you tell me about your day, i will tell you about mine"

"No mummy,  If you tell me about your day, i will tell you about mine"

"Ok. I did some paper work in the office and wrote some articles"

"I also did some paper work in my school. I did some tracing."

"What did you trace?"

"I traced some lines so that i can write better"

I have been researching on Axel Scheffler and got a book called "Mother goose nursery rhymes" illustrated by him.

I took it to Anjali for bedtime reading yesterday.

"Mummy, is this Charlie Cook's favorite book?", she asked immediately.

"Nope, but it is illustrated by the same person"


"... And so mother goose called this baby Lucy and the third baby was called Small"

"Edmund?" asks Sophia

"Nope. no Edmund in this story"

"Mummy, why this duck called Lucy?" she persists

"Because Lucy is a nice name"

"Why this mummy duck calling baby duck Lucy?"

"Goodness!", I say "Maybe the mummy duck read Narnia and thought that Lucy was a nice name and decided to call her baby Lucy. Does that make sense?"

"Yes", said Anjali satisfied, wanting to hear the rest of the story. But Sophia was not so easily satisfied.

"Why this mummy duck calling Lucy no Edmund?"

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