Monday, January 24, 2011

Anjali never took my handbag

Sophia has learnt to unzip bags, and she is getting rather obsessed with them. Yesterday, she took Anjali's piano bag, unzipped it, put it on patti's chair, sat on top of the chair and peed.

Luckily the bag was waterproof and none of the books were damaged.

Sophia got called naughty.

"I'm a good girl!!", she kept insisting, to anyone who was not busy cleaning up with rags and baking soda to actually listen.

Five minutes later, I saw that my isecure device was on the floor. She had unzipped my bag, taken it out, and my wallet and happily going through its contents.

I took away my handbag (I am a good girl!!) and hid it. now I must remember to keep it out of her reach.

My plans for a miniature Oz are going extremely slowly. We have made a castle for Glinda, a tower for Elphaba and some kind of house for Dorothy. But we still need to make heads for Dorothy, Glinda, and the wicked witch, and ruby red shoes.

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