Thursday, January 28, 2010


I took the morning off today. Sophia and patti and I got back from the playground, after which patti hung the imp's feet over the sink and washed her up.

Then she took Sophia to the bedroom to grab a towel. AS patti was wiping Sophia, Sophia began the chant

"bu, bu, bu, bu"

We continued to the living room to finish wiping her off and changing her shirt.

"bu, bu bu"

"Wait", said patti "I'll change your dress and then your mummy will give you booba"

But I thought that the imp was meaning something else. Her way of saying booba was "bua bua"

"You want a book?"

Imp looks at me.

"bu , bu bububububububu"

After changing her clothes, I carried her to the bedroom. There, on top of Anjali's cupboard were the set of books that we were reading last night, among them, the pooh nature book that husband and Sophia had spent a particularly happy half hour exploring.

I picked the whole stack of books and dumped them on the living room floor.

"There. Which book do you want?"

Predictably, she chose the pooh book. Sophia flipped through the pooh book and I pointed to some of the snimals and stuff on it. A few minutes later, patti asked me a question and I went to the bedroom to look for something.

Imp began to cry.

"bu bu bu bu"

"I am coming. wait, just let me check this"

"bu bu bu, wah wah wah"

What patti asked me was not really important. So I dropped the task and came to the living room. Imp was carrying the open pooh book (its big and fairly heavy), and was trying to walk towards me

"bu bu bu"

The I sat down beside her and took the book.

She gave a satisfied sort of giggle and spent a happy quarteer of an hour mentioning all about

"be" (birds), "da" (ducks), "ba" (bears) etc

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

tomatoes tomatoes

Guess what, my one year old knows that tomatoes grow grow

And that cars go brrr

and that sheep go baaa

If I tell husband that I want to turn off the tv when the vegetable cd is running, she begins to look at me and cry

Monday, January 25, 2010

Spicy food

Anjali had broccoli and potatoes for lunch on Saturday. Husband was eating drumstick sambhar and had some drumstick skin on his plate.

Anjali grabbed a drumstick skin off husband's plate and was munching it.

This didnt strike me as too hygenic, so i tried to make her give it up.

No go

patti had a better idea, which was to exchange the skin with a new drumstick from the sambar.

Anjali took the new drumstick and put it in her mouth.

"waah waah waah"

"what happened?"

"Its spicy"

After that, everything on the plate was spicy, even the stemed broccoli and potatoes, which just had salt in them.

That is funny, because patti puts jaggery and sugar in her sambar

later we told Anjali

"When you go to India people will give you only spicy food. What will you do?"

To which she immediately begins

"I'll put some cheese and gobble up all the spicy food. That is my question. Then there will be no more spicy food in the world. I'll put some cheese and gobble up all the spicy food"

First sentences

Sophia is really talking, and it is very amusing to see her words develop and come out of her mouth. We were at the playground near patti's house yesterday evening. Anjali and Sophia were playing and thattha had come down with us.

Both girls ignored their shoes and ran barefoot on the playground floor.

Sophia was on the slide, and Anjali on teh other side. Thattha was with Sophia

"la la la la"

"Ok, you can sit on the side"

"la la la la"

"Oh, there is a dog"

I carried Sophia to the dog and Anjali came running behind. After Anjali had petted and hugged the dog (Sophia doesnt do it, she just goes really close to the dog and says hello, but refuses to touch), the dog went running and we went back to the playground

Imp holds out her hands


Thattha carried imp

"did you see the lol lol?"

"lol bu bie!!"

The cool thing is that she can understand nearly everything we say in both Tamil and English. Husband says that the stuff she doesnt seem to understand is not that she cant understand, but that it just doesnt fall into her agenda and she chooses to ignore it

Friday, January 22, 2010

Conversations that make us laugh

 Husband, who is a bit of an exercise maniac was exercising on the bed after lights out.

The silhoutette showed husband lifting his legs and putting them on the window sill.

"what are you doing?" I inquired

"I am trying to get pregnant", says husband, who is a big fan of Maggie Walsh

"Do you want a girl or a boy?"

Husband turns to Sophia "Sophia, do you want a baby sister or a baby brother?"

Anjali, who is sort of half listening to the varaha story looks over

"I dont want any more babies. I will kick your bottom in the morning"

"Why", I asked her surprised

"Because daddy will have babies, so I will kick his bottom in the morning"

"You dont want any more babies?"


"Come on, Anjali, babies are fun"

"no, I will kick your bottom and daddy's bottom in the morning"

"Why do you want to kick my bottom"

"Because you are making jokes"

A day in the life

On the 7th floor of my office is a little roof garden. An open terrace with a couple of gurgling fountains and benches to sit in and look at the busy harbour and the tall buildings in the distance. Except for one problem.

It is the only place in the office where smoking is allowed. So you cant spend ten minutes on the terrace without being assaulted by the smell of cigarette smoke. It is the most annoying thing.


Yesterday was library day. I took the kids and crossed to the bus stop where Jessica and vineesia were waiting to go to Sakamoto class (where do they get these names from?) We were halfway across the road when Anjali says,  "Mummy, I want to make pee pee". I am proud that Anjali is toilet trained, but then again, maybe I should be like Arti and carry a couple of diapers in my bag, just in case for the bus or the train situation, especially when i go to India.

So, we had to get to business on the grass near the busstop. And I had to put Sophia on the floor, where she was happily playing with the grass while Anjali finished her business.

Then three things happened at the same time

The bus rounded the corner

Anjali finished her business

Sophia picked up something from the grass and held it out proudly to me.

It was a cigarette butt.

I hate smokers

We got in the bus, wiped hands, put underwear and went to the library where each girl wanted a basket

Neither of them could carry full baskets. Sophia tried to carry the basket which had twenty books in it. She couldnt.

She threw a tantrum right on the spot.

She threw another tantrum when husband wouldnt let her put her hand in the dustbin

And another when he wouldnt let her eat the stones that adorned the plant pots in the library (Anjali came running to me that this scream reporting "Sophia is eating stones!!")

And yet another tantrum when she wanted to open the waterbottle and pour water all over the library carpet and husband tried to explain quite politely to her that it was not a good idea


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bag of tricks

It was 4.30am. Sophia stirred against me.

Running on autopilot, I let her feed.

For about 20 minutes she stirred restlessly. I was jogged out of my sleep. Being already aware that the breast milk supply wwas going down, I knew that there is a possibility that she be thirsty. My throat was parched too, and yearned for a drink

Sophia began to cry. She wanted to sleep, but was uncomfortable. Husband stirred

"Sophia, go back to sleep", he said, and went back to sleep.

Sophia ignored this very good advice.

Another ten minutes of restless stirring and she went to sleep. I took the opportunity for a bathroom break.

0.5 seconds after I left the bed, she cried in earnest - a super temper tantrum that said

"How dare you leave me"

When I returned from the bathroom, husband was up and holding the crying girl.

I took her again - the tantrum stopped- and began to feed her. She continued the restless crying.

"Sophia, do you want to take a walk?", asked husband

Sophia stopped crying immediately and tried to sleep next to me.

"Maybe she is thirsty"

husband went to the kitchen and got a sippy with water. The imp refused to put the sippy in her mouth.

"Maybe she is hungry"

So the biscuit came to the bedroom and was also declined ever so regally by the turn of a head

More restless whining

"Sophia, do you want booba?"

"bbbaa baa bbaaaa"

"Ok, some here"

I lay down and put her belly down on top of me. She went back to sleep. it was 5.45. And my alarm rang.

I didnt want to dislodge Sophia, so husband switched my alarm off.

"i need to get up", I mumbled, "Giive me my phone to set the alarm at 6.15"

"I'll set it on my phone", said husband

I dont know if the alarm rang. When I woke up in the morning, it was 7pm, and as a result, we were late for the bus. It was almost leaving when Anjali and I raced to the busstop

why it is so important that IMM has slopes

This is a long outdated post, its so outdated that I think it is finally safe to post it without being hammered by the Anjali Curic fanclub

Two weeks ago, husband and I took the girls to IMM. IMM is interestingly linked to acasa, there is a park connector road that goes along the canal to just before IMM

So we decided to take a bicycle down. Anjali, who likes to ride with me on the bicycle (with husband running alongside pushing Sophia on the stroller) had one question

"IMM has a slope?"

So why is it so important that IMM has slopes?

Here is the flashback.

It  was the second day of school and I was in the process of easing Anjali into Canossian convent. Having accompanied her to the school on the bus the first day, i decided to let her brave the bus by herself, with promises of meeting her on the other side. Being the weight coonscious mother that I am, and thanks to husband's constant digs about my shape, decided to pack in some exercise and bicycle all the way to the canossian convent. From acasa to canossian is mostly uphill.

Anjali's bus arrived at 7.45. I left the imp in the bus and cycled out. When I reached the traffic light before the market, the bus reached at the same time. The imp saw me and waved through the window. The bus turned at the junction. I went straight. The uphill was hard but I reached Canossian by 8am, well before the bus, which reached at 8.10. I was there to meet Anjali on the other side, as promised.

After school we came back on the bicycle. Remember that canossian was uphill? That means that when returning, we bike downhill. And I miscalculated the brake.

Bang we went, and crashed into the pavement, headlong.

Thanks to child safety belts and a lot of Grace, we werent badly hurt. I had a nice bruise on my toe, Anjali claimed that her head was hurt where she hit it against the handle bar, I checked for bruises, but thankfully it was nothing bad (to us). The bicycle was rather smashed. The front basket was flattened, the child seat had moved (although I didnt realize this till much later when husband pointed it out).

We were both badly shaken though, and were still shaky when we reached home. I requested patti to monitor Anjali, but she was playing with no visible signs of affect.

WWhether I learnt anything or not out of this is another story, but Anjali learnt something important. She went with her daddy to learn all about brakes. And now I cant go down any slope with her, no matter how gentle, without her having to instruct me (you must squeeze the brakes when going down the slope)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

theology 101

Kids were playing yesterday in the playground. Sophia was, as usual, wandering the ground and picking leaves and sticks. Husband was sitting in front of the swing and I was swinging Anjali in the swing, singing. pooja was playing along

"Godhavari, kavery, Sindhu Saraswati", I sang

Pooja: Saraswati is a Hindi god

Me: Yes. Saraswati is a Hindu god

Pooja: Everyday I pray to it

Anjali (piping from the other swing): Saraswati is in my heart

I didnt understand for a minute

Me: Saraswati is in your heart?

Anjali: Yes. And Mataji also.

Me: I see

Anjali: Always they take care of me.

Me: Ok

Anjali: When I fall from the bicycle they will take care of me.


Monday, January 18, 2010

party moments

All around the birthday cake
blowing the cake
daddy feeding
Some sort of spontaneous family picture
dressed up birthday baby
patti dancing??
circle time
Kiran singing??
Games we played:
Passing the parcel and scavenger hunt before the cake cutting

Food served:
Popcorn, sandwiches with cheese and peanut butter, pasta, cutlets with yogurt dip, salad
Thattha got french fries from McDonald (thattha should comment on his McDonald experience, it will make interesting reading. Hit post comment and type it out)
Birthday cake: Blackforest from polar cake (bengawan Solo wouldnt take our order as we got there only one day in advance. The cake was delicious, so it was a lucky thing)
About 24 kids turned up (i had 24 goodie bags and thats a good way to keep count)

Games we played after the cake cutting

We had different stations set up for kids to play after eating while the rest finished - a train track, a set of blocks, the dolls and doll house for the girls etc

The kids went downstairs, we had a bubble station set up with soap and water and a couple of bubble wands. Sapna, Anjali, Shreyas, Sibi and a couple of others got around to wash the playground floor as a favor to the community

Vishnu and a couple of boys took a few balls down to play soccer, that kept them happy for a good half hour. Some other kids played in the playground proper.

I think everyone had a good time. I guess they did, as no one had the opportunity to take pictures after the cake cutting, so they were too busy enjoying themselves

After the party

The girls have an obsession with (as Sophia calls it) jooa jooa

between the wooden one and the blanket one, the girls prefer the blanket one, as they can both go in and cuddle together

Yesterday evening, after the party, Anjali nagged me for close to half an hour, while I reciprocally nagged her about eating dinner, to fix what she calls the blanket joola joola

It is, as you can see, a blanket, tied to the window bar for the girls to swing from, while one of is holds the other end.

I can do individual girls, but both together is a bit beyond what my arms can endure, so I usually turn the task to husband.

Its my birthday and my akka is sleeping

They didnt let me wake her up!!

treasure hunt

Saturday night at Ananya's

Ananya's birthday photos

I really liked the playground with the playhouse, which facilitated pretend play, unlike the gymnastics the kids get up to in our playground. Husband feels that you dont need special equipment for pretend play, and there is more worth for the dollar in setting up a gymnastic playground. i guess he is right, based on the number of kds who frequent the gymnastics playgrounds.

Then again, it made a nice rustic change.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

linguistics, games and book review

For Sophia, talking and language seems to be the next milestone, and she is intent on covering as many words as much as possible.

When I get back from work, she shadows me around the house, and yesterday shee surprised everyone by saying

"amma tho tho ta"

which we took to mean

"amma vanthutta"

She is positively recognizing objects, "get me the thomas/ maisy book" or put the clothes in the laundry basket leads to some very nice exhibitions

And yesterday, as an attempt at organization, the kids and I began a game with putting away toys. Husband and I are reading "What kindergarten teachers know", and there are many interesting points there on how to manage a crazy house

They are excellent ideas

In theory.

one of the ideas was to give the toddler a tong to pick up her blocks and put them away after playing.

Toddler begins by doing that, and then starts picking other stuff with tongs, meaning that a lot of new toys that have previously been put away get on the floor.

We pretended to be birds to pick up the blocks. It was fun, picking them with our mouths and spitting them out into the block box.

Sophia was very amused as well, she began to pick up the blocks and put them in her mouth, then take them out with her hands and then toss them into the box.

We had a load of fun, until Sophia decided to climb into the block box.

And then Anjali wanted to climb into the box as well, but ofcourse the block box was too small.

She ran into the toy room. I heard a crash and the sound of several things rolling.

then she came back carrying a red basket

that which houses the balls.

So we had a  floor full of blocks in the living room and a floor full of balls in the toy room.

Like I said, it was a load of fun

What worked really well though, was the magic idea

"I am closing my eyes and when I say abracadabra the blocks will be in the box"

And they were

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

my favorite time of the evening

Its not the playground time

Its definitely not dinner time - thats usually a harry of turn taking, running around kids, making sure that food doesnt get on statues etc

Its not bed time, where I must struggle to remain conscious and talk coherently when the story of Anjali's birth gets mixed up with the story of Harry Potter or Narnia or Josh Tenabaum, in no particular order, nor in any particular sense

By the way Anjali thinks that my umbrella is with Mr Tumnus in Narnia

Its bath time, especially bathtime that comes after playground time. Its a very soothing feeling, putting dirty, grimy children in the bath, filling it with soap suds, watching them splash about, splashing with them, rinsing the grime off and seeing soft smooth baby skin reappear miraculously from underneath. 

It feels fabulous to hold some of the soft skin close and breathe in deeply, that combined smell of soap and baby.

to take a fluffy towel and wrap it around the children, take them to the bedroom to dry them off

When they roll around on the bed, refusing to put on clothes, but enjoy running and rubbling around

One of the everyday things that make me thankful

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

something that made me smile

It was six in the morning. I was halfway through cooking husband's lunch - the tofu was in the pan, as was the rice.

Sophia woke up and wanted feeding.

After asking husband to watch the pan, I slipped in to feed her.

She fed while sleeping.

Anjali mumbled in her sleep

"yucky yucky"

Sophia stopped feeding, raised her head, opened her eyes


Then she turned around and went back to sleep

At the nature park

Since husband's office moved to expo, we havent had much time for weekday outings to bukit batok park. Yesterday, he was back early, and we were able to make the trip. There were several highlights

Sophia walked!! She wanked from one intersection to another, I think a good half a kilometer. She stopped every ten meters to pick up a leaf or stick, to examine roots etc and it took us 45 minutes to get from home to the nature park.

At the nature park, I made use of the opportunity to give the girls their dinner. Sophia ate a handful of mini idlis and then wanted to explore. Husband picked her up and put her in the sand


She began to cry

Ok... We took her up. She continued to cry.

"Whats the problem", I asked, one arm around Sophia, the other holding idlis which Anjali was gobbling.

"jooa jooa", making desperate attempts to get down.

We put her down, She began to cry.

"jooa jooa otha botha"

Standing at the edge of the sand pit.

After about three minutes we realized what she wanted. She wanted to goo to the playground (jooa jooa) without going on the sand (i think its otha botha, but cant be sure)

So husband put her on the slide, which she enjoyed.

There was sand at the bottom of the slide, and we didnt like that at all. So husband cleaned up the sand at the bottom of the slide, so that imp could slide to her heart's content.

Anjali ran to Sophia

"Sophia, its only sand - see!!", and flung sand by the scoopfuls at Sophia's feet

And then we had to explain to Anjali that she shouldnt fling sand at Sophia, what if it went to the eyes? And that when she was Sophia's age, she too was frightened by sand.

Then Sophia climbed on to my hip

"no no otha botha"

"Ok, you are not going into the sand"

"no no otha botha"

That Anjali was in the otha botha bothered Sophia very much. So we had to request Anjali to get away from the otha botha.

then Sophia was fine. The kids came home, took a nice long community bath, read thhiee books and went to bed

Monday, January 11, 2010

at the tortoise museum

We took the kids to the tortoise museum yesterday. Nice place with lots of tortoises in a pond and some exotic ones in fish takes.

Anjali had a chance to carry and touch the tortoises. Sophia was extremely excited, and wanted to put her hand in the water.

Husband and I decided that it might not be a very good idea as the tortoises didnt look intelligent enough to tell the difference between bread and fingers.

The kids had a good time though, and we are glad we went

Sophia milk

I was cooking tofu yesterday.

Anjali was up and came into the kitchen as I was cutting the tofu.

"What is this?"

"its Soya bean curd"

"Huun? Soya bean curd? yucky Yucky!"

"Anjali, its not yucky yucky. You like Soya milk right?"


"This is soya cheese"

"Can i eat some?"

(It was raw tofu, but I didnt see any harm)

"Sure, try some"

She put a but on her mouth.

"Yum Yum. Its very nice"

I shifted the soya from the chopping board to the pan. Some crumbs were stuck to the chopping board, and Anjali scooped them into her mouth.

"You like it?"

"Yes. it has Sophia in it, so I like it"

More words

Sophia has learnt how to say a very important word - No

We were leaving patti's house yesterday

"Sophia, do you want to go home?"

"No" (and turning away)

Thatta tried next.


Anjali asked then

"Sophia, you want to go home?"

Sophia jumps into Anjali's arm


Friday, January 8, 2010

first words

We are very excited. last evening, when I got home, patti said

"Go stand near the oonjal and ask Sophia what it is"

I did so accordingly.

"What is this Sophia?"

"jooa jooa"


Later in the evening, Sophia opens the cupboard and takes out a packet of Milo. She walks all around the house with it

" 'lo  'lo 'lo"

 Which we guess means Milo


of course, yesterday when husband was late from work and I took the girls to the market (Anjali in the bicycle and Sophia in the stroller), some imp started signalling madly each time we passed a playground

"jooa jooa jooa jooa"


Thursday, January 7, 2010

The crazy house goes to the library

We make it a point to go to the library once a week, usually Thursday evenings. I get home, pick up the kids, go with patti till Bukit Batok, take the train to jurong.

Husband usually meets me at Jurong, after which we reach the library around 7.30. This gives us about 1.5 hours to borrow books and to play a little. Here's a typical session


Anjali runs into the library

A: it's very cold!!

S: gabla gabla

A runs to the water fountain. Husband stays with her. I use the opportunity to go to the adult section to borrow a cookbook and perhaps some fiction.

A runs up the escalator shouting at the top of her voice: MUMMEEEE MUMMEEEE WAIT!!!

We reach the fiction section, I dont find anything that I can finish reading in ten minutes. Dump the idea.

Recipes section is more promising. Hundreds of recipe books (you dont need more than a minute to scan a recipe). I pick up a couple and then we take the lift to the basement.

A grabs a basket, we make our way to the preschooler's section. A stops at a near shlf and picks up a couple of books. "We'll borrow these two books"

I glance at the titles. Disney Jungle book and something by Rosemary Wells. Seems decent enough.


A drops the books into the basket.

S is making frantic signs to get down. I let her down from the carrier. She toddles off..

Straight to the dustbin.

I pull her from the dustbin. Kids immediately begin some kind of push pull game with the basket. Husband is two shelves away looking for books.

I look for something by Dr Seuss, trying to decide whether to take Hop on Pop or Green eggs and Ham.

Sophia is behind the basket, hanging on to it, and Anjali is dragging it across the carpet at full speed.

My eyes pop. Why on earth does Sophis not let go of the basket?

I abandon my choosing process, drop both books into the basket.

Girls are still having fun. Apparently being dragged on her knees while hanging on to a basket constitutes a eleven month old's idea of fun.


I am still at the S, trying to borrow a dog and bear book.

Found a dog and bear that we hadnt read before. Take the book to the basket, and do a double take.

Eleven mon old is sitting in the basket

Three year old is pushing the basket.

Eleven month old in dangerous position of tipping over.

Dont think that carpet is soft enough to sustain head injury.

Try to persuade three year old to let eleven month old alone.

She ignores me.

I do the next best alternative. I call for husband.

He cant hear me. Frustrated that we have to be quiet at the library and dont quite dare to leave the basket and the kids alone. Try calling husband again. He looks up. Entice him into having his packed dinner. Dump kids with him and borrow books.

For the next five minutes, run through all the favorite authors list and borrow books - already read favorites, unread bbooks etc.

Husband finishes dinner and brings his own stack

We get on average around 30 books during each visit to the library.

One of the books it a Usborne Little red riding hood. Anjali makes me to read it and finds it very amusing that the Wolf says Vegetable soup is yucky.

I am very sure that it is going to have an influence on her palate

Sophia amuses herself by climbing all the chairs and all the tables, pulling out all the books and putting them back.

I assume that she and husband visited the dustbin on more than one occassion, but what i dont know wont hurt me (its the first law of biocentrism)

I saw her carry a pretty big Dora book and toddle up and down between the shelves.

The library made the closing in half hour announcement. We finsihed the red riding hood, picked up a couple of other books

At the fifteen minute announcement, we are at the borrowing station. Still borrowing until the five minute announcement.

It was 30 books after all.

This is a typical day.

On the atypical day, we are still tehre and the librarian asks us if we have finished borrowing our books as she wants to shut down the system

school tales and others

I asked Anjali about school

"Kian's daddy came with him to school"

"Kian cied in school"


"Because his daddy is oushide"

"Did you cry?"

"Yes! Because i spilled Milo on my diess"

"Then what happened?"

"The teacher changed my diess"


Mummy, my stomach is hurting.

I give her water which she drinks.

My stomach is not hurting anymore, but I have two babies in my thoppai. one is a bird and the other is an owl. When they want to come out my stomach will hurt. Then we must close the windows, otherwise they will fly away.

diaper tales

Sophia is toddling.

She toddles to the pack of diapers near the dressing table, pulls one out.

Toddles back, holds out diaper.


Ok, we say, distracted. Door then.

Sophia puts the diaper on her shoulder, then on her legs


Yes, yes, we'll take you out.

We dress the girls and go to the living room. Something else catches the adult attention, and when we turn back, we see the imp again.

She is holding a pink something in her hand.

its a shoe


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

complex coreography

Mummy, can you put on a beautiful song?

Thirty seconds of dance

Mummy, can you put on me a long dress?

30 seconds

Mummy, can you put on my kolusu?

10 seconds

Mummy, I want some bangles

Anything else you need?

A pottu

And then the coreography can proceed without distractions

In the blue of the sky

Anjali's recitation of Sri Aurobindo's Who

Sophia painting

Sophia was most fascinated by the handprints of paint that Anjali had left on the floor

At canossian

yesterday, I went with Anjali to her school. She seemed to be doing fine, so i slipped off for a few minutes, under the pretext of drinking water.

I stayed outside the classroom and worked on my crochet project.

Then, when the kids went out to the washroom before snack, Anjali saw me and decided that I should accompany her. I went with her until the washroom and then slipped away. When she began to cry where I was unavailable, Ms Mary (who raconted to me later) told her that i had gone to the big people's washroom.

So Anjali happily managed snack time and indoor time, while I hid behind the wall crocheting. Later, it was time for the parent-child craft project, which involved gluing and card making. I joined Anjali on the project up till the end of the day's class.

After craft time was quiet time, the kids were asked to close their eyes and sit.

Anjali leaned against me, giving me an upside down look.

"I missed you"

"I missed you too", i said. quite undone.

"Have you went to the big people's toilet?"


"Can i come with you next time?"

"Ok" (now, where is the big people toilet in this school? Do they even have one?)

little explorers

the ball room, which Anjali enjoyed the most
Enchanted forest?
making friends

Husband says that little explorers is a complete ripoff because its so expensive and so much like fidgets, which costs about half the price. However, I felt that it was better organized, there was some fancy light simulation that Sophia enjoyed, and the best bit was that everything was padded, even the floor, so there was no worry about falling.

The kids had a good two hours there (our chalet stay allowed us two hours free playtime)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Horse babbling

Christmas: some photos

horse riding

After the ride, she gives the pony a hug and a kiss. Maybe when we go to India, we can get more pony rides.

letter recognition and prereading

Anjali can positively recognize her name and Sophia's, as well as mummy.

She also plays rhyming and alliteration games, so I guess she is ready for prereading.

Now, I could go the montessori way and work with sound games and sandpaper letters. let's see

we wrote a book

Its called Sunny, moony and Starry. This morning we added snowy to it.

Sunny and moony are long haired girls. Sunny is happy and moony is sad. Then starry comes in. its a happy boy and makes moony happy.

Anjali made up the story.

First days of school

Anjali has begun her term at Canossian convent. Yesterday and today i went with her to the school. Yesterday we took the school bus together. This morning, we convinced her to take the bus by herself and that mummy would cycle and meet her on the other side. it helped that Jyothi was taking Kiran to school and therefore I was peaceful during my cycle ride.

Tomorrow, she says that she will go to school all by herself and that i should wait for her when she comes home, along with Jyothi aunty. let's see.

I'll put up some pictures from yesterday's school day soon

posting after a long time

This happened yesterday

The kids were wreaking havoc around the house as usual, Anjali and husband had gotten two chairs, a sheet, a box, four cushions and were building something that was a cross between an igloo, a tent, and a train. They and Sophia amused themselves for a while, after which Anjali decided to slide the floor with the cushions.

"There are two coo trains!!" she exclaimed gleefully, sliding across the floor like the slippery slip.

"Two little trains went down the track.." I began.

Sophia, who was munching something or another inedible thing stopped and began to whirl. I wondered why. Then she toddled off and brought back a book.

It was the two little trains book by Margret Wise brown that we had taken out from the library.