Friday, December 3, 2010


We are a little overwhelmed with witches these days. First we have been reading some abridged version of Narnia and Anjali and Sophia are especially fascinated by jadis.

Then, since husband has been wanting to show the children some "real" movies where the people get into real trouble, we showed them witches.

bad idea. Not least because we showed it late night.

Anjali was rather scared and when it came to the beginning of the meeting of witches, she went in my arms and buried her face.

The whole night, i was plagued with questions
1. Why are the witches mean?
2. Why the girl disappeared into the picture?
3. Why did the girl in the picture die?
4. Why did luke's parents die?

Ultimately, husband took over and made the story simple by telling her that for a plot certain things have to happen, giving her good examples from simpler stories.

I guess fear rewiring works, because the next day, she wanted to continue with the movie again. We watched another ten minutes and stopped this time before 9pm.

Then i was telling the children that not all witches are bad - that there are good witches in harry potter, who dont turn people into mice

"Then they turn people into people?", she asked

"Nope, they put spells like accio, and alohamora and when their toy breaks, they dont have to use scotch tape to repair it, they just point their wand and say "reparo!""

"I want to learn how to do that. Mummy, how to point your wand and say repairo to repair a toy?"

"You have to go to a magic school to learn that", I evaded.

And all night long, she mumbled "Alohamora" to herself before going to sleep. 

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