Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The's no one like sophia in the universe

Sophia and Anjali are quarreling.

"If you fight with me, Sophia", says Anjali, "I will not be your friend anymore"

"My mother!" says Sophia

"No. I will not be your mother anymore", says Anjali

"I don't care!", replies Sophia
"I dont want to make oosha"

"You have to", its been three hours since you went to the bathroom.

"No want to make oosha"

I strip her pants off and put her in the bathroom

"No!! Want my pants. Give me my pants!"

Anjali went through this phase when she was two, and we had trouble making her go to the bathroom, but Anjali was talking far less at that time. The fact that Sophia talks long sentences doesnt mean that she is out of her terrible twos, but that is an idea which takes me and husband some getting around. 

The girls are arguing over who will lick the pot of batter after baking blueberry muffins.

"I dont care!", says Sophia

"Mummy!, Sophia is saying i dont care!"

"Sophia!"and then to Anjali "tell Sophia that you care"

"I care!"

"I dont care!"

"I care!"

"Me first!" grabbing the batter

Sophia's face is full of cheese and she is in the bathroom pouring water instead of washing her hands. I decide to step in and unceremoniously wipe her hands and face.


"I need to clean you up."

"Dont hit me!"

"I am not hitting you. I am wiping your mouth"

"Dont pour water on me!"

I ignore her with a supreme unconcern that only four years of motherhood could cultivate and walk to the bedroom.

"my Thomas deiss!! Its wet!!"

"Stand in front of the fan and it will dry up!"

"No!! its wet! Take off"

"I'll take it off", says husband, who sees that my hands are full

"No. mummy take it off!"

I pull off the shirt

"Want new diess!!"

Anjali and Sophia finish their Milo with a bed time story.

"Anjali, put your bottle in the sink!"

Anjali goes obediently, puts her bottle and returns.

"Sophia, go with Anjali and put your bottle in the sink!"

"Mummy do it!"

"Excuse me! Its your bottle, you do and put it in the sink"

"No. Mummy do it"

"Sophia, if you dont take care of your bottle, I'll throw it in the dustbin"

"No!! Anjali put it in sink!"

Anjali is back and lying down on the bed, "I am very tired", she replies

"Anjali put it in the sink, please!!"

Anjali ignores her.

Sophia begins to hit Anjali with the bottle.

"Mummy, Sophia is hitting me!"

"Ok Sophia, I am going to put the bottle in the dustbin."

Sophia looks around for a rescuer, daddy doesnt rescue her either. She promptly goes to the sink, puts her bottle and comes back.

"put bottle sink!!"


Its afternoon, close to naptime and patti asks Sophia to go to the bathroom.


Sophia was playing in the bed in patti's room and standing on top of all the toys that were there. Patti was worried about the amount of laundry that would be generated incase an accident happened there. She carried Sophia and put her in the bathroom, taking off her pants.

"No!!! Give me my pants!!"

An accident does happen and patti has to change her clothes. As patti is changing, Sophia stands near her and goes

"Want new pants!!"

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