Monday, December 20, 2010

Santa Claus

Sophia and Anjali are quite eagerly waiting for Christmas. Sophia is looking forward to her blue baby, for whom she makes a lot of plans, like having a baby carrier like Trixie's, Carrying it for a walk etc.

Anjali keeps telling everyone about her projected Barney bag.

I am a little sick of listening to Santa Claus is coming to town in baby language. On saturday, i got a little too frustrated

"Santa Claus is Coming to bown!!", I sang finishing off Anjali's sentence

"mummy!", she said, asif she doesnt do it a hundred times. "Dont say bown! Then Santa will put you in the naughtly list and you wont get the cooking thing"

"What cooking thing?"

"that beating thing that you wanted"

"What beating thing?"

"That thing you want to beat the eggs"

I had mentioned to husband, once, in passing, about three weeks ago that i wished that Santa would get me an egg beater for making souffles and cakes without baking powder.

Now, who's going to get me an egg beater?

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