Friday, December 17, 2010

Fertilizing the garden with guinea pig compost

Since we had problems with the plant thief, we have been using recycled materials and a lot of guinea pig compost to grow our plants. The upside is that the plants grow very well. We even have a chicku tree. The downside is that we are running out of space again. I may have to take up vertical gardening. Here are some of the things we are attempting to grow

1. Flowers - periwinkle, the evening flowers and morning glory
2. Herbs: Coriander (not very successful yet but patti says that I should crush the seed before planting), fenugreek and oregano
3. vegetables: Some cool things (which I believe are tomatoes) are sprouting. I think they come from guinea pig compost. As of now the plants are too small to be conclusive. Beans. We just germinated some.
4. Fruits: An accidental chicku tree propped up

It gets the girls interested in earthy things, this stuff. Soil and dirt, butterflies and birds... part of the world that we belong to. It is important to teach the children that this is a precious part. Already I look back at my childhood, regularly visiting patti's village, staying in a house in Trichy which had a number of green spots - the big coconut tree, the large black caterpillars which we got scolded for touching - the prohibited backgarden, where it was rumored to have green snakes that hide as drumsticks in the tree... Where are these and how can I give them to the children?

Perhals we should start a community garden

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