Thursday, December 16, 2010

Camping at Changi beach: photos

Husbad carries the heavy backpack (till the taxi stand)

Our tent

In the tent

Anjali's shot of me

The sea at our doorstep

Part of our horde of seashells. I really must look out for seashell crafts to use them up constructively 

Cycling in the Changi coastal walk

The place where the coast turns

The girls in the morning

A toucan on the tree at Pulau Ubin. Or is it a hornbill?

I know it looks like we were in the middle of nature, but we were actually in the middle of the city circuit. There were aeroplanes flying over our heads all day and all night, we were very close to the airport. Ofcourse Anjali and Sophia thought it was fun to see the biggest planes in the world.

The beach is fairly clean, the sand good and at hightide, the swimming is pleasant. There was one restaurant on the beach, in contrast to all the fast food outlets at eastcoast, so that it a nice change, but the restaurant was on the expensive side. Changi village is about ten minutes walk away with its group of eateries. I guess it is more sort of isolated than Pasir Ris.

There was a small children's playground - no where as big as Pasir Ris, but the girls didnt have time to play there - a fact that Anjali pointed out right after we got home.

The Pulau Ubin accessibility helped, and the whole morning we were there, cycling and exploring the back country paths. They have made a new and beautiful lake in Pulau Ubin.

The kids enjoyed the tent, but Anjali wants a beachfront house with a Chimney so that Santa Claus could come in

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