Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Yesterday, patti called me at five pm, sounding rather harrased, entreating me to return home early, as the girls had not slept all afternoon and were playing left, right and center

"Sophia sat on the guinea pig cage fence and fell inside the cage", she said, "then I had to wash her in cold water"

"She didnt fall on the guinea pigs mummy", said Anjali, after I had reached home. "she only fell on the ai ai".

"Patti wipe me", piped up Sophia

"Is the guinea pig cage toxic or what?", asked husband


We were cleaning the guinea pig cage in the evening and Anjali was carrying the pigs. She has this smart idea of training the pigs to walk the wooden planks (probably inspired by the boy in witches who made his mice walk the tightrope). The problem is that she gets a little too enthusiastic and in her enthusiasm a little rough with the pigs.

Husband caught her at one of the rough points and raised his voice.


And then he dropped what he was doing and went to sit with her

"Naughty daddy!", she said. "I don't want to sit with you" And carrying kitty cox, she tried to get out from under the table, where she had been keeping the training apparatus. 

"Watch your head", I said, coming out from the kitchen, where I was chopping veggies for the pigs.

"I know", she said, trying to manuever the guinea pig and herself from under the table.

"Anjali, you be careful, the table is hard", I said

"I know what i am doing!", came the reply.

"Isn't she supposed to be about 15 years old before she tells things like this?", asked husband


But we have to face it, the rudeness issue is getting a bit serious. This morning, Anjali used the stupid word. I dont know where she learnt it, we are very careful to not use strong words at home in front of the kids, but she might have picked it from the playground.

When husband told her off for it, she said

"Naughty daddy!", and put on a face.

Of course, our way of handling it is simply to put her in a quiet spot, but is it effective enough?


When patti came home this morning, she told me all about how the girls refused to sleep yesterday afternoon

"If you dont go to sleep, I will not take you to Chinese garden tomorrow", she threatened

Patti and her friends are planning a picnic with the children at Chinese garden all day today.

"Naughty patti", says Anjali. and then to Sophia "Sophia, you bite patti"

So Sophia and Anjali bit and hit patti.

When husband and I heard this, we were very horrified.

"Anjali, say sorry to patti"

"Naughty mummy, Naughty daddy!"

It would be funny if it weren't so serious.

I took her to a corner.

"Anjali, sit with me in this chair until you are ready to apologize to patti"

Lips turned downwards, she struggled, and then she wiggled out of my arms, and went straight to hug patti.

I suppose it could count as a apology, so I left it at that.

Sophia was playing with Kitty cox. She was trying to carry him.

But she cant carry guinea pigs yet. At first she was pushing him around, which was fine, but yesterday, she lifted him up, by the arm pits.

Husband, who was watching panicked a bit and asked her to put the him down. She refused. I joined in the struggle and between me and husband , we had with us a slightly shaken guinea pig and a thoroughly tantrumy girl

The girl got taken to the bedroom, by me. I sat with her in her time out. But she ran back, whereupon husband sent her in pronto.

She stopped crying.

"Want to go there....", she said, pointing.

"You can go back there if you dont carry kitty cox. Are you ok with that?"


"Yes or no?"

A very red faced, lips turned downwards "Yes!"

And I let her go. To give her credit, she didnt carry him again last evening.

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