Monday, December 6, 2010

At the marathon

We took part in the marathon, and the girls did the kids dash. Both Anjali and Sophia ran the whole length of 750 meters. We knew that Anjali would, she has run before a fair bit, but were generally skeptical about Sophia. Infact a couple of weeks ago, thattha asked us whether we thought Sophia would run and both husband and i said that we would probably have to carry her after a bit.

Just goes to show how much we knew.

We went early, ramani had told us that there was a kids zone, which was a rather fabulous carnival, with rides, jumping castles, and coloring zones.

There was a balloon man who made flowers and butterflies

The shrink art that we pay five dollars for at West Mall was available for free (granted, the quality was not too good and the eyes and nose of the thing kept dropping off, and they dried the paintings in the sun, which Anjali noticed before me)

But the fun of the art, atleast for Anjali and Sophia, is in the doing, not the product. I have noticed this time and again. They take pride in their work, but its when they are doing it. After they do it, they move on to the next activity. So the girls took their time in making the painting, and then let it dry in the sun, after which we moved on to the next activity.

They also drank copious amounts of 100 plus, since water was not available in the kids zone.

"I like 100 plus very much", said Anjali, after we had polished off the first can. "Can you get me another one?"

"want nother one", echoed Sophia.

Ramya and her dad were sitting with the girls and doing some coloring. Husband had called saying that he had finished the marathon and was waiting for us at the start of the kids' race.

"Can the two of you stay with Ramya, i'll get the drinks and come back", I said.

I got the drink and returned. There were two chairs, with Ramya and Anjali, but one chair was empty.

"Anjali, where's Sophia?"

Anjali looked around. "I don't know"

Ramani had just gotten back and the three adults went around searching. We found her after five minutes, during which I seriously contemplated interrupting the announcer to announce that a two year old kid was missing.

She was near the 100 plus stand, looking all around, but not crying. Probably she had gone looking for me.

Then Ramya wanted her face painted and Anjali wanted her hands painted and then Sophia wanted her hands painted and by the time we reached the kids start point, it was 10.30.

The four year race of off and then we found daddy.

The girls were all set for the race

Here's Christopher. He and Anjali began to elope before the race started, then Christopher stopped and started asking for his mummy.

The race began. Anjali went ahead with husband, and Sophia and I ran together. She asked me to carry her a couple of times. Then i told her that this was a marathon, not a carryathon, so she began to run.

"Go Sophia Go", I said.

"Go mummy go", she said.

She gave small smiles and waves to the clapping supporters on the edges, hi-fi-ed the people and all in all was happy, despite the beating sun.

And then she was rewarded in the StanChartered tent with bananas while Anjali had vanilla icecream.

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