Monday, December 6, 2010

Anjali at patti's house

"Did you sleep well last night?", I asked Anjali after she had spent Friday night at patti's house.

"No", she replied, quite gleefully. "You know mummy, patti was sleeping like this, on this side, and thattha was sleeping like this on the other side, and they were squeezing me, and I had no place"

I told patti and she maintains that Anjali kicked both of them around at night. "Then why dont you stay at acasa?", asks patti

"No patti, I have a plan", says the imp. "I will buy a small bed and sleep here" (indicating the foot of the bed)

"You will sleep on the floor?"

"Yes. i will sleep all by myself on a bed on the floor. Mummy, see.. " She lies down on the floor. "We need to buy a bed that is this big, from my head till my toes and I will sleep on this bed whenever I come to patti's house"

"And if I have a problem, i will climb to the top of the bed", she added as an afterthought, to close all the loopholes.

"We can get you a bed that big", I said. "But what will you do when you grow too big for the bed?"

"Its ok mummy", she countered. "We can give it to some other child who is three years old"

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