Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Why i dont like working late in the office

I always maintained that Anjali gets sad if I returned home later than husband. The last couple of times that I did that, Anjali cried, and refused to come to me. Yesterday, husband came home at six. I had been caught up in a meeting at work, and didnt return till slightly after seven.

The girls played with thattha, rescued snails, rode the trolley in NTUC, chose a little styrofoam snowman for the Christmas tree, played puzzles with husband and when it was time, we did a family dramatization of the goat and the wolf and little red riding hood (Husband got to be the wolf)

Then we turned off the light.

"I dont like you mummy", said Anjali.


No answer.

I tried to cuddle up with her, put my hands got pushed away.

"Why are you going to office?"

I gave her a set of reasons why i am going to work - to earn money, to learn something, to make sure she has a comfortable place, because I like to go to office. But she wasnt convinced.

"Don't talk to me" she said. "i dont like you."

"Ok. Do you want me to sing?"

"No. I dont want to talk to you"

"Do you want me to tell you the Narnia story about what happened to Edmund and Lucy when they went back to Narnia?"


"Tell me Narnia story",  said Sophia.

"But Anjali doesnt want the Narnia story", I told her

"Tell me Narnia story, tell me onuly" She  countered

I began to tell the Narnia story very softly, pausing at pertinent points. But no response from Anjali.

"Anjali", I said, pausing the story. "Are you angry with me because I go to office?"


"Do you want me to take a long break and spend time with you at home?"


"Ok. I will take a lot of leave after Christmas. That will be fine with you?"


"Come and cuddle up"

She cuddled up.

"Narnia story!!!"


This morning, patti was saying that she would take the girls to Chinese garden sometime next week for a picnic, with some of her Shloka group and their kids. "We should plan it next Tuesday or Wednesday", she added.

"We should go on Tuesday", said Anjali, and added "patti, Tuesday is longer than Wednesday?"

"Do you like longer days?"

"No. I like shorter days"


No answer

"Do you like evenings?"

"Yes. I love evenings very much"

"Why Anjali?"

"Because you come home in the evenings and I love you so much!!"

I guess I should cherish these moments

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