Friday, November 26, 2010

Where's Andhali??

Anjali stayed overnight at patti's house last night. I told patti next morning, "next time you do this, keep both the kids in your place"

We were barely out of the door when Sophia started.

"Where's Andhali?. Want Andhali"

"Anjali is in patti's house"

"No... want Andhaaali now. Where's my shisteri?"

"Sophia... I'll take you to Anjali in the morning"

In the bus

"Where's Andhaali? "

"In patti's house."

"Want Andhaali come with me in the bus!!!"



"Want mother!!"

"I am here!", I said.

"No... want other mother."


When cleaning the guinea pig cage, Sophia stroked kitty Cox

"Your mother went to patti's houshe."


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