Monday, November 1, 2010


Anjali did over three kilometers of trekking at MacRitchie yesterday, atleast a kilometer of this was done running. Husband and Anjali stopped at different places of the hike, examining leaves, flowers, ants, spider webs, leaves eaten by insects, ear shaped seeds.. We also picked a few of these things, hopefully there will be occassion to make a nice collage. There were a number of monkeys, which amused Sophia.

MacRitchie is an excellent place to introduce children to nature, second to Sungei Buloh, but ofcourse, they focus on different parts of the eco system.

We referenced Sungei Buloh several times in our MacRitchie trip.

"Sandhya!" said Anjali. "We saw Monitor lizards in Sungei Buloh"

"dho Sungei bulo see ciab houshe!" says Sophia.

I was quite impressed that Sophia remembered the crab houses in Sungei Buloh until

"sit ciab houshe shee tv, shing tuni sella tua la"

Then i remembered the huge crab hole in the sungei buloh museum with illuminated pictures of crabs and lobsters where the girls had spent some time pretending to be crabs and playing some pretend games.


  1. ananya was at mc ritchie too yday. with kiran, FIL, BIL and Premaji...

  2. We ran into Varsha and Devdutt also. I guess a lot of people from the center were there. When did thay go? Surprised we didnt run into them


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