Monday, November 1, 2010

painting yesterday

The girls and I spent a bit of time yesterday painting with watercolors. Anjali's water color skills have improved tremendously. here's how it began.

"Mummy", says Anjali "Can you do this for me again, so that i can paint it?"

"Do what?", I asked.

"This. where you have drawn a lot of animals and I painted them"

I took out my sketch book. There were precious little sketches left - one of jesus Christ was there.

So Anjali painted Jesus Christ, and painted it well with water colors.

Sophia also wanted to paint. so i drew her a house.

Then Anjali wanted to paint something else - a crab. i am lousy at drawing, but my copywork is decent. So I copied a picture of a crab from one of her books.

And so it began, the crab was followed by four teddy bears (one for Sophia, one for Anjali and two more for Sophia), a pair of scissors and a crab house. I have no clue how to draw a crab house, so I drew a house with a crab on top of it. I thought Sophia might fuss, as she might have expected something like the Sungei Buloh crab house complete with televisions for the crabs to watch and a birthday cake (She had not slept the afternoon, so I drew with trepidation - maybe she would fuss?

But thankfully she was satisfied and colored it. )

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