Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My first real bread

 not counting the dozen or so bread machine products and the no knead jim lahey bread that i made last year and husband was too kind to say no to, i succeeded in making my first set of grisini buns yesterday, with a bit (just a tiny bit) of help from the bread machine and a bit (a big bit this time) of help from the girls.

I set the machine with the flour into the dough cycle let it run, cleaned out the guinea pig cage and composted the waste. The girls then washed up and helped me to shape the grisinis. It was fun for them and easy, as they just had to make snakes. Then we covered and let the snakes to rise and popped them in the over for twenty minutes.

I must say, i was surprised that they came out so well. Husband ws surprised that they tasted so nice. i flavored them with basil and that came out strong too

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