Thursday, November 18, 2010

Missing Anjaali

Anjali stayed overnight with patti and thattha and they took her to Mustafa.

So that Sophia would not miss her too much, I took her around West mall, bought a couple of T-shirts, tried to convince her to buy shoes (Thish is ok, no want new shoes) and then took her for a walk home.

"caie me"

"You want to walk now or after the intersection?"

"After the intersection"

At the intersection, she promptly got down and walked up to the Chinese templs. I was in no particular hurry and let her choose the paths and such. We went past the chinese temple, saw the dragons, and had a generally good time.

Then We saw the poster. It was a furniture advertisement, with two children on it.

"Thi called Anchaali and Shopia"

"There was a photo of Anjali and Sophia?"



"My Anjaali went with my patti"

"Anjali went with patti? Hoe do you feel about that?"

(Pout)" Vei Shaad"

Then she played in a puddle and got her clothes wet. I changed her and continued walking.

"My Anjaali go with ammu. Misshing Anjaali"

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