Friday, November 19, 2010

logic and love: some success stories

Anjali was in the kitchen on Tuesday evening, and I was getting some work done. She wanted to read a story, had the book in her hand and then dropped it on the floor, whereupon she began to step on it.

"Anjali", I said, looking at her in the "uh oh" way.

she took her legs off the book.

"Well done!", i said.

"Mummy", says the ever wise one "When i do naughty things and you dont scold me and dont put me in time out, but just look at me, i will not do them any more"


On Wednesday, in patti's house the girls were eating bananas. Anjali was making a sport of putting her banana skin on the floor and pretending to slip on it. Thattha was spending a lot of time torn between laughter at the monkeyness, worry that she would fall and was admonishing her. I mostly ignored it until it began to get out of hand. First, all of Anjali's peels were missing, as patti had taken and thrown them away. So she started to yank the peels from Sophia's banana, causing Sophia to cry. Things really came to head when Anjali threw a peel out of the window.

"Thats it", i said, carrying her to the room

I closed the door and the girl began to cry.

"Ok. lets sit here until we are ready to go back and be nicer"

Then I gave her a short and, I think, to the point lecture on why you dont throw litter out of the windows.

"But I didnt know that", i cried

"Now you know", I said, giving her an extra hug. "Are you feeling better now?"


So we went back to the living room and continued to play.

These are some success stories. Ofcourse, i have more successes with Anjali than with Sophia because Anjali is  bigger and more mature. I am still having difficulty with Sophia's terrible twos, where she is throwing tantrums about almost everything and anything in the world.

Most of the time, she is a sweet little kid, but yesterday, for instance, I heard stories about how she was unable to sleep in the afternoon and bit patti's hand from wrist to elbow, about how she wouldnt let Anjali sleep and pulled her hair.

In the evening, husband says "If you are not there near her, Sophia doesnt want bua. She just cries for a minute and then goes to sleep". Husband had made Sophia go to sleep on Wednesday night. "When she wakes up in the middle of the night also she just scents and feels and if you are not there, she just curls up and sleeps"

I took his observations. The girls were getting ready for bed, but we had not quite gone to the lights of phase. So I turned to Sophia and said, quite seriously, "Sophia, you are quite big, can you try and sleep without drinking bua?"

"No!!! want bua", and she began to cry - not the real crying, but the crying that everyone knows will stop in half a second if she gets what she wants.

And she wrestled me down, pulled the breast out of the dress and began to drink.

"How to  earth did she do that?" said husband

"How do little monkeys learn to pluck coconuts from trees?"

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  1. I Wish I could use more love and logic. Ananya can get too smart at times. And then there are times when others feel I am too tough with her. sigh!


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