Thursday, November 25, 2010

Is it normal for a four year old to stop at the make up shops??

Anjali has taken to stopping at every single make up shop, and asking me to help her try on all the stuff.

Is this normal? The nail poilish was amusing, and me having multiple colored feet for the past one month was also fun.

Husband's yellow toes are also ok. he wears shows to work, and most of the people who hang out with have kids, so its not a problem.

But when we went to ion, she stopped in front of nearly all the make up shops (some Umero Yogi, I think Japanese thing) and wanted to try on the blusher and eye shadow. I indulged her, and pat a bit of silver shadow over her eyes.

"Anjali", said husband, "You look more beautiful without makeup than with"

"But when i grow bigger, I want to put some lipstick"

I am getting rather worried. once in a while Anjali would turn to me, brush hair off her face and ask "Mummy, do I look nice?"

Then there is all that stuff with wearing sprinkly sparkly princess dresses. A trip to tom and stefanie immediately leads to the princes dress area and a conversation along the lines of "For my N2 birthday I want this dress, and for my K1 birthday, I want this dress"

Mostly, we are positive, and would tell her, even without her asking that she is the most beautiful girl in the world and stuff like that... I know that appearence compliments are supposed to give confidence, but will they encourage vanity?

And this is coming from a home where none of us use makeup. Husband thinks that for her, its just amusing, a bit like body paint, she doesnt make the connection with whether it makes her look nicer. He may have a point, at home, Anjali paints herself with red and green paint and doesnt care much about how it looks, but still...


  1. I think it is normal. Ananya is obsessed with make up. Last week she put on lipstick for me before I went to class (I never wear make up to school!). She said that I look pretty. When I said make up is not allowed in school - she said : It's ok amma , your teacher will say, wow, amma so pretty. Anyways, I let her put it and then touched it up as there was more outside of my lips. She like nail polish on her toes too... I occassionally wear make up when we visit my MIL's friends,party etc. else i dont...I have this colourful liquid pottus - she likes to wear that - which matches her dress.

  2. Its probably just a phase then, I think its an avenue for creativity for them, and its mostly our interpretation of makeup as a costly wasteful adult thing that it making me jolt. I guess for the kids its not that - probably just a kind of art supply.


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