Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I am a pig, but I want the rest of the world to be pigs too

A couple of days ago i got annoyed with my Ms Yema because she cleaned the guinea pig cage. excuse me, I says - that was my job. Why are you doing it?

And then I read an article on Sci Am. "Thats nice, but now get out. Why do we push generosity aside?"


Thats because too much sugar makes us choke, and too much of help makes you angry because it makes you feel incompetent. I guess thats why Jayalakshmi aunty prefers to fry her own pooris.


  1. & I prefer to keep my own clothes inside and Ananya prefers to change her own pillow cover and so on...I am still getting used to my Ms. though I like the fact that I do not do dishes anymore or spend my whole day doing dishes...

  2. Of course, there are the bits where you can use as many dishes as you want to in cooking and not worry about the washing. Before, i used to limit my dish usage to two every meal and never liked to make idlis because that involved washing the cooker, and the idli plates on top of the mixer for the chutney and everything.

  3. Same here - I used to be very careful while cooking and tried to use as few vessels - now I don't care much. But I do wash my own plate after eating and let Ananya do hers too. Small things that I guess we shd do...

  4. How do you get Ananya to do that?? Notice you have a stool at the wash basin. i should get the girls to do some washing up also. Sometimes, I park them in the sink to wash up after I bake for instance, but mostly i am afraid because there are knives and glass stuff in the vicinity.

  5. it is not a daily affair - she is generally enthusiastic abt washing her cup/plate and does not do a really a good job. but I let her for the fun of it... I want to make it a habit like my mum has a rule (even now) that we wash our own plates and cups after eating. which is a good thing reduces the load on the person dish washing. Once Ananya helped me wash some clothes by hand. That was really very splashy affair for me!

  6. I make sure that there are no other sharp items in the sink before gettng ananya. sometimes ananay stands on the stool and watches me cook - and even wants to stir...that freaks me out a bit. but i dont want to scare her either so i turn off the gas and let her stir whatever for a bit.


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