Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The effect of time out

Anjali wanted to sleep in the stroller yesterday. Patti gave her a doll to cuddle and to pretend to be a baby.

Sophia toddled over.

"Anchaali doing?"

"I am in the stroller Sophia"

"You are in time out?"

"No Sophia, I am not in time out. i am sleeping"

"You are in time out."


Sophia ran to patti, stood near patti for backup, and pointed to the stroller. "You are in time out!"

"patti see..."


Later, it was naptime. Sophia was in the hammock and Anjali was sleeping on the floor.

"Patti, everyday, when i come back from school, I want to sleep in the stroller for a bit. Okay?"


"But Sophia must not say that I am in time out"

From the hammock comes the disembodied voice. "You are in time out!"

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