Tuesday, November 23, 2010

earrings and competition

Of all the things that Anjali wants, growing bigger is the most coveted. Anjali really wants to grow bigger. She knows that when she grows bigger, she will have long hear, be able to roller blade, be able to wear a saree, to wear nail polish, to paint kolams with rice, light lamps and to do many other things that she cant do now.

But still, she is almost four years old, and that means that she can still do many things that she was not able to do when she was three. And Anjali is very eager to try them all out.

"Mummy", she said, "When I grow bigger, I want to wear dangling ear rings"

"Ok", said Mummy. "When you grow bigger, you can wear the dangling earrings"

"But I can try them on now", said Anjali, and seeing mummy's baffled look, she added, "We can just try them on ok mummy?, just try them on"

Mummy looked at daddy, no nodded in a rather shell shocked way, and went to the bedroom.

There, Anjali opened mummy's dresser and took out a pair of very large, very dangly blue earrings.

"Lets try these on", she said

Anjali waited patiently, wincing only slightly, when mummy helped take out her old earrings and put on the large, dangly ones. Anjali was delighted.

"See mummy", she said, shaking the long earrings. "They make a jingling sound when I shake them. But my old earrings make no jingling sound"

Jingling sounds aside, the earrings made Anjali look like some kind of native American princess.

"You have to take them off when you go to sleep, you know?" mummy told her

"Why?" she asked

"Well, you cant wear dangly earrings that jingle on bed",  mummy told her. "They'll poke you when you sleep"

"Can i wear them in bed when i grow bigger?" Asked Anjali.

"No. Not even when you grow bigger. See - mummy wears only a tiny earring when I go to bed", said mummy, showing her

"oh" Anjali looked slightly disappointed. Then she brightened up. "Can I wear these earrings to the playground?"

Mummy decided to concede "Ok"

Daddy looked utterly baffled but proud as Anjali turned around the room, showing off her dangly earrings and seeing the effect of the earrings on her dress.

What was Sophia doing in the meantime?

Well, she was watching mummy put earrings on Anjali. Some kind of little green monster must have been growing because once daddy and mummy were laughing about Anjali dancing around the room with the earrings pirouetting in the opposite direction, she began to cry

"Want milo"

"You want milo?" asked mummy, surprised as Sophia had just eaten her dinner and had juice. "Are you thirsty? How about I give you some water to drink?"

"Noooo.. Want Milo"

"Ok. I'll get some", said mummy getting up.

"No... mummy caie me. Waannt that one"

"Which one?"

"that one", pointing to Anjali's ear

"You want a long earring?"

"hmm" nod!

Daddy felt that this was taking it too far. "You cant change Sophia's earring. We'll have a job changing it back if she loses heart half way."

Mummy agreed, but unfortunately Sophia didnt.

"Want that one!"

So daddy came up with the bright idea od hanging a dangling earring through the hoop of her little silver earrings. The ensemble came up to her shoulder. So I guess she was happy. 

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