Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Conversations with Sophia

Vishnu: Hey you, buckle my shoe

Sophia: No. Buckle own shoe


Sophia: I am girl. I am most bootiful girl

Me: Most beautiful where?

Sophia: in the sky.

me: Which sky?

Sophia: this sky, lift sky


Me: Girls, see the blue board with POSB written on it in yellow, thats the back.

Sophia: Krishna take ball, thiow bank.

It took us all a moment to figure that one out (Its the story of krishna and Kaliya and how the boys were playing ball in the river bank)

Sophia comes to the bathroom while Anjali is doing her business.

Sophia: this called oosha

me: yes

Sophia lifts her dress and does her business also.

Sophia: Shomething coming

Sophia: this called mummy oosha, this called baby oosha

Anjali: No. this is called sister oosha

Husband, at this point usually hits his head with his hand and goes away.

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