Monday, November 29, 2010

Conflict resolution: UN should take lessons

Girls were, standing on their child table,  washing dishes in the sink, while I laid out naans to bake for lunch. They were having a blast, working with a filled sink of dirty water, dish washing soap and sponges.

"Give me the towel Sophia", said Anjali


"Mummy, I want to exchange."

"If you want to exchange, you have to make Sophia belive that the towel you are giving her is the most beautiful"

"Sophia, see this blue towel, it is so beautiful, and soft and fluffy and you can squeeze water out of it. Do you want to exchange?"


A blur of flesh, a thud and Sophia fell off the table.

Husband, who was overseeing picked Sophia up, spanked Anjali (making her bawl), giving me enough time to wash dough from my hands and pick Sophia up. Then he straight out marched Anjali into time out, still bawling, and firmly closed the door.

Sophia hung on (she was not hurt, not visibly, and she didnt hit her head, just her back), but she was rather shaken and didnt want to let go of me.

Anjali came out five minutes later.

"Sorry Sophia"

Sophia ignored her

"Sorry Sophia. Will you forgive me?"

No answer

"We can be friends again?"

Smile pout Smile pout Smile pout Smile pout Smile pout Smile pout Smile pout

Sophia hung on me for another ten minutes, severely hampering my ability to bake naans, but after ten minutes, she was happily playing with Anjali, while husband built them both a cave.


Sophia was playing with a balloon. Anjali wanted to share


"Sophia, sometimes you must share with your sister ok? If you don't share, then something will burst" said Anjali. "Like this balloon", she added

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