Wednesday, November 3, 2010

At the paint shop

We were at West mall yesterday to finish off some of our pending Diwali clothes shopping. Anjali, of course, made a beeline for the paint shop. She has been wanting, for a while, to paint an alphabhet A for Anjali. Since Sophia wanted to paint an S for Sophia (chosen by Anjali), they painted.

Painting the A took about three minutes. In the meantine Sophia painted a bit of her S and Anjali finished it for her.

Therein was the problem.

"I want to paint something else", said Anjali.

So, she selected a painting of a fairy, and began to paint it. To give her credit, her painting skills have improved tremendously. She always fills the colors correctly, and husband taught her how to estimate the correct amount of paint to squeeze. But the paionting of the fairy was a large one.

"Next time we come to the paint shop, mummy", said Anjali, "we will do a little smaller painting. ok? just a little smaller"

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