Thursday, October 7, 2010

Why keeping a guinea pig contributes to cognitive development

The new guinea pig is called Kitty Cox. The girls maned him, so I dont klnow the reasons behind it - although they names him on the train journey back from Braddell and I suspeect that an advertisement in the train with Hello Kitty had something to do with it.

When we introduced Cinderella to Kitty Cox that first evening, they took to each other immediately. Cinderella went and sniffed kitty cox a couple of times, Kitty cox kept following Cinderela around and for the first time, since we had brought Cinderella home, he spent an entire night out of the tunnels. Morning came and i was pleased to see that he had not dug through the newspaper, but was actually sitting outside in the open, eating his hay.

Yesterday evening, I cordonned off the corridor with a blanket, closed the bedroom doors and let the pigs roam around, and ofcourse the kids too. Sophia toddeld up and fed the pigs corn cobs.

Now for this morning.

After Anjali went to school, I was talking to Sophia. We were reading Disney's 101 dalmatians (For about the 101st time). Sophia has a high liking for Cruella devil.

"So.." I said, "Perdita was very happy. Do you know why?"

"Cruella devil toming", said Sophia

"Perdita was happy because Cruella devil was coming?"


"Then why was she happy?"

"Shomething Inshide thoppai"

"Whaat was in Perdita's thoppai?"

"Shandy planty

"Whose thoppai are Sandy planty in?"

"Shapia thoppai"

"I see", I said, pondering. "And what are you going to do with them when they come out"

"taie. put cradle"

"Ok. And if they are hungry?"

"Give food"

"What food will you give them? "


"You must also give them vegetables"


"So what will you give them?"

"Chappati, vegetables. Vendekkai alsho"

"Ok, can you give chappathi and vegetables to your guinea pigs?"


"What can you give guinea pigs?"

"mmmm.... pellets"

"You'll give them pellets?"

"Hay alsho"

"thats good. Will you give them veggies?"

"ok ok."

"What veggies will you give them?"

Sophia toddles over to the cage and peeks inside.

"Amma, thish is called name?"

So she learns the names of her veggies.

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