Thursday, October 7, 2010

Who on earth is Kubera's wife?

Does anyone reading this blog have a background in Indian Mythology?

Yesterday we were reading one of the books we had got from India - about Ganesha and Kubera. The story is how Ganesha eaats all the food in Kubera's house.

I was telling them the story. One of the pages had a picture of Kubera's wife drawing a Kolam and discussing the feast with Kubera

"This is girl called?", asks Sophia

"This girl is Kubera's wife", I said, before carrying on with the story

Sophia was not satisfied

"Name called?"

I pretended to ignore her and continued with the story. I should have known better

"Amma. Thish ish name called?"

"Goodness, i dont know. Shall we call her Mohana?"

That satisfied both girls, so I guess Mohana will have to do

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