Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Vishnu is scared of guinea pigs

When Vishnu came to see Cinderella and Kitty Cox, he climbed on top of the sofa and refused to get down. When he did get down, he hid behind his mother until the pigs were out of arm's reach.

Somehow, Vishnu being scared of the pigs has given Sophia a lot of encouragement. While before, she simply used to touch the pigs, these days, she spends more time with them, Bingo especially, stroking and tugging his fur, sitting next to him and giving him food, and kissing his fur.

Ofcourrse, she is small and easily excitable, so she tends to move fast and speak loudly. Anjali understands when I tell her to be gentle with the pigs, though sometimes, she too in enthusiastic and tries to dance with them, but Sophia tends to be loud.

This is especially so when we leave the pigs to run in the corridor.

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