Monday, October 4, 2010

toilet training herself

Since no one seems to remember to toilet train Sophia properly, the kid has gotten it upon herself to toilet train.

For the past few days, we have been noticing that before she gets into her bathtub she would say

"oosha first".

Then she would get out of the tub, finish her business and then get back in again for her bath.

Last night was very cute. before bed, the girls had a nice romp at the lift lobby. Sophia has gotten a new interest in bicyling. Only problem is that she cant pedal herself. So she would sit on the cycle and husband or I would have to push her. Anjali, at these times takes the kick scooter to the lift lobby.

So the children were playing with their cycles and scooters in the lobby, after which i left them in the bathroom to wash up while I mixed their milo. the girls washed up, then had some time sticking some of the creative corner rubber paintings on the wall. (They stick when wet, so they are almost as good as the foam blocks).

I asked Anjali to go to the bathroom before bed, which she did.

"Sophia, you also make pee pee."

"She made already mummy", said Anjali. "she made when she washed feet in the tap"

"Sophia", asked husband "have you made oosha?"

"ove theie!" said Sophia.

"Where?", we asked

"yothe bathuum".

"in the other bathroom? Who washed you? Anjali?"

"No. Shelf!"

She came in again to the bathroom and tried to do something.

"no working!", she said morosely, when nothing came out

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