Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Thigns have been happenng

Things have been happening, and I havent had time to report on them. Lets see what has happened over the past few days.

Fire is burning in forests in Indonesia. The whole place is hazy and I couldnt bring the children to the playground yesterday. So we locked the windows, turned the aircon and decided to stay at home. At this juncture, I have to say that the lightbulb lab is an absolute success. Thank you Kevin Henkes. YEsterday, Anjali asked me to draw her a butterfly, and then she copied my butterfly, cut it out, cut out her own scotchtape and stuck it on the wall. The interesting side effect of this is that we have scraps of paper taped to all the walls with yellow tape, drawings with bright markers on the guinea pig cage etc. Ofcourse, all this makes me very happy.

Sophia has started some new extended words. Anjali used to do this when she was in Sophia's age, saying things like mummiya, pattiya, anniya, adiya. Sophia's favorite suffix is li. i guess it comes from frequency and intermediate level categorization and learning, and probably the most frequently heard word in her world is Anjali and therefore her natural suffix is li. Here are some of the suffixed words

"go playground swing joolali"
"want to dink buali"
"making ooshali" (she is quite completely toilet trained by the way, just for the record)

And yesterday, as I was having dinner and Anjali was sitting next to her guinea pig cage and Sophia was sitting near the bookshelf fiddling around with whatever she was fiddling around with, she suddenly said "amma, amma"

"Yes I asked"

Sophia stodd up, came toward me, bypassed me and went to Anjali.

"amma.", she said.

"YEs Sophia"

"Sophia thinks that Anjali is her amma, its her new game", said husband who had been back early from work and had witnessed this play before.

"Amma, I love you", says Sophia to anjali, hugging her

Soooo cheezy.

The girls helped me backe plum cake. They especially liked poking plums in the batter.

I thank the lord who invented bread machines and cakes to keep sanity on hazy days,

And Kevin Henkes of course. Some videos and photos expected soon as I have some time.

Husband got told off by bunica yesterday for letting Anjali alone in the bus.

he he

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