Monday, October 25, 2010

Pizza and cupcakes

We made blueberry cupcakes on Sunday morning and baked them. They came out beautiful. The difference of, course, was that these were in a cup instead of in a big baking tray.

For Sunday evening, there was pizza. The breadmachine made the dough and the girls helped me to spread the dough into the baking tray. Then, Anjali helped to toss the topiings and the cheese (Sophia was busy washing her dough covered hands.). Then, Anjali asked for mozerella cheese to eat along side.

We invited patti, thattha and Sandhya over and I made a salad to add some more vitamins into the whole thing. Tha salad was accompanied by flax bread (courtesy of the bread machine)

Why go to the restaurant when you can have this kind of food at home?

I have been keeping track of our restaurant trips and came to the conclusion that we eat out about once a month. The last time we ate out was when Sandhya took us to Annalakshmi, and that was nearly three weeks ago. We havene been to pasta mania since August and when I attended a conference last week and had to eat from their buffet, I was really missing my own healthy oil free flax seed supplmented food.

My god! Can you believe it? As early as when i was pregnant with Sophia, we used to go to pasta mania atleast twice a month and supplement it with frequent canadian pizza.

Home made pizza? Cool!

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