Friday, October 8, 2010

love, logic and grandparents

Swati told me that some steps in love and logic (like bedroom time) make Annanya scream for Jaya patti and how jaya patti flies to the scene immediately.

I was reading a story about cutting treats during misbehavior. i wonder if thattha will cut godiva chocolates if Anjali misbehaves. probably not. He will say, "she's such a little girl, poor thing. Next time she wont do it no?"

yesterday Sophia did something naughty in patti's house. I picked her up, cuddled her and put her in a time out chair.

"This is Sophia's time out chair mummy?", Anjali asked

I didnt say anything. Sophia's lips trembled

For a small kid who weights less than a sixth of my weight, her lips tremble quite fast.

She began to cry.

"poor baby", says patti, melting. "She hasnt slept all afternoon"

So poor baby got out of time out.

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