Thursday, October 7, 2010

Love and logic

Swati recommended love and logic as a method for disciplining children. Husband and i have both been reading up and we can concede that there are some merits in the points that the book puts forward.

As I said yesterday, the best thing that we like is that the book proposed giving children choices and letting them make mistakes - because a mistake made in this age is less costly than a mistake made in their teens.

I have been trying some of these ideas out.

Last night, husband and the girls were playing with go stones. When they finished, a corner of patti's room was littered with stones. There was ten minutes to go before bed.

"Anjali, clean up your go stones"

"No mummy, i want to play frisbee", said Anjali, throwing frisbees to Sophia in the living room.

"I can pick up the stones", I continued "and throw them away"

Anjali dropped her frisbee and picked up the stones. Sophia helped too. In three minutes, all the stones were back in the bowl.

I really ought to make time for these steps and exercises, as the girls (and me) rely on Yema to pick up the toys. Sometimes I dont have the energy to enforce a pick up rule. But I ought to.

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  1. worked - I am so glad u liked it. Pick up toys or i will keep them away high up works for me. I hv hidden her toys away when she does not do it - so she does it now.


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