Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Love and logic

Some experiments

Anjali was peeling the brown paint from the bedroom door. Soon paint was all over the bedroom floor.

"Anjali, you'll have to help me clean that up"

"Mummy do it"

"Ok", I said quietly, trying to use sopme off the love and logic stuff "I'll do this, but I wont help you when you need me for something else. How about i dont help you read a book with milo?"

A pause

"Mummy, can you help me to pick up all the brown stuff?" And she picked the lot up.


Sophia woke up in the morning.

"Good morning Sophia. Do you want milo or a hug?" (The give choices rule)

Sophia stretches lazily and points.

"Milo or hug?", i repeat


"Bua is not on the choice list. Milo or hug?"


Too bad it doesnt work at night.

I like especially the idea of giving questions instead of orders and choices instead of steps. I dont know, but Anjali was more cooperative towards brushing her teeth when I gave her the choice between standing on the toilet or sitting at the sink

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