Tuesday, October 26, 2010

like me

We were digging through some of my old photo albums yesterday - those of me when I was a kid, with Sandhya as a baby (Sophia insisted that the baby was her and the big girl was Sandhya. its sort of logical, as Sandhya was sbout two years old when the pictures were taken) and such.

Flipping the pages, we came to a section of old concert photos at the center, poems of Sri Aurobindo, Savitri etc. I pointed out Sophia's godmother in many of the photos.

"Who is this?", asked Anjali, pointing to one photo where a little boy was standing on stage, wearing a peacock feather on his head.

"This is Krishna", I explained

"Why Vishnu is always dresing up as Krishna?", she asked. Evidently, she was remembering that Vishnu had dresed up as Krishna in the Gita Jayanti program too. I didnt remember that, and spoke with reference to the photo alone

"Now, when we do a program, you are dressing up as Krishna. A long time ago, Vishnu was a baby and cute and we always used to dress him up as Krishna"

"Like me?" Asked Sophia

"Just like you", I said.

"Like me also?", asked Anjali

"Yes. like you also"

"Like me?"

"Like me?"

They kept at it for so long that I was torn ebtween laughing and changing the subject.

i decided on laughing.

Note to self: It is necessary to get more albums for the kids

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